Coscuez, Colombia

Emerald is one of the leading merchandise in Colombia. However the reality of the emerald is very different from the scene of the jewelry shops in the towns.

Coscuez is one of the emerald mines in Colombia. Near Otanche, the base town of Coscuez emerald mine. In mines there are miners who were allegedly rougues in the towns. During the "Green War" so many of people died in this mine. Coscuez and Otanche have been very dangerous places over the emerald.

Now the production of emerald is being decreased, but still so many people came to dig the green dream. Some people work as official miners but others woks as Guaquero ( unofficial miner = robbery).

Working in the mine is extemely hard, but one woman Guaquero says

"Though the production is decreased recently and digging for emerald is very tough and dangerous, it is still alot better than working in Bogota in terms of money."

There is a bare lust to become the rich in Coscuez.

© Kosuke Okahara