Johannesburg, South Africa

Much of population came from rural side of the country to Johannesburg to look for the better life. Everybody expected that they could find a job. What they found was, however, the life that living in and on the bush and the street. Although some of them were provided the place under the roof by thoughtful people, most of them are not. Still some are living even in the garbage dump. In contrast to the developed city of Johannesburg, their poor life does look very serious.

There has been no change even for the people who have been living in Johannesburg before the end of apartheid. Only apartheid law was abolished and it does not improve peoplefs life. People have voted to ANC (African National Congress) with hope, then, in 1994, the black led government was set up. ANC was undoubtedly a glimmer of hope for the black people. Now, however, ANC betrays people by bribery that newspapers reported several times. A sign of economic revival is still not visible.

Now it is getting cold as it goes winter, more painful season will come for the people who cannot obtain enough food and who live outside, especially for those who are weak.

Oliver, now turns 60 years old with exhausted eyes, said

gOur political party (ANC) said they create jobs and fight against poverty, but nothing has been changed. We have been suffering since 10 years before. Government said we got a freedom after the apartheid was abolished. Now is it a freedom? Living like this is a freedom? h

Now is the 10th years after the first all race participated election was held. I see the words of g10 years of democracyh in the town. Yet it is very skeptical when people will be able to get out of the present life in this democracy that they carried off.


© Kosuke Okahara