Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located in northern Colombia, is the highest coastal mountain in the world. In the middle of the mountain, there are indians who had avoided have a contact with western colonizer until recently. Indiand believe that Sierra Nevada is the center of the world and they can control the balance of the world by protecting the mountain.

These indians live rich in their culture, but their life is affected by western culture, modern economy and the 40 years old civil war.

They manage with the powers of outside, but sometime their life is thretened by armed groups such as guerrillas and AUC ( paramilitary group). Also, indians have to struggle with the destruction of the nature. Coca farmers planted coca trees to produce cocain and the government force came to spray defoliant which desroys ecosystem of the Sierra Nevada.

However, indians still maitain traditional way of their life.

© Kosuke Okahara